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GlusterFS events over the next 10 days

There is plenty of action planned out for GlusterFS in the period between Jan 30th to Feb 8th 2015. Our community enthusiasts will be attending and presenting at various conferences and meetups across the globe. Here is a breakdown of the planned action:

  1. GlusterFS QuickStart Tutorial by Lalatendu Mohanty at the CentOS Dojo in Brussels, Belgium on Jan 30th.
  2. Talk on GlusterFS Overview and Future Directions by Niels de Vos as part of FOSDEM’s IaaS Devroom in Brussels, Belgium on Jan 31st.
  3. Talk on oVirt and Gluster Hyperconvergence by Federico Simoncelli as part of FOSDEM’s IaaS Devroom on Jan 31st.
  4. Lalatendu Mohanty, Niels de Vos, and Kaleb Keithley will be holding GlusterFS Office Hours at FOSDEM in the CentOS Booth on Jan 31st.
  5. Kaleb Keithley and Lalatendu Mohanty intend talking about The CentOS Storage SIG and GlusterFS as part of FOSDEM’s Distributions Devroom on Feb 1st.
  6. Vijay Bellur will be talking about GlusterFS – Architecture & Roadmap at in Brno, Czech Republic on Feb 6th.
  7. James Shubin will be showcasing Automatically deploying GlusterFS with Puppet-Gluster + Vagrant at on Feb 7th.
  8. Following talks are scheduled as part of GlusterFS Meetup in Pune, India on Feb 7th:
    • GlusterFS & Roadmap by Atin Mukherjee
    • GlusterFS and Ovirt by Ramesh Nachimuthu
    • GlusterFS in Openstack by Prasanth Pai
    • GlusterFS for storage admins by Vikhyat Umrao
  9. Dan Lambright and Joseph Fernandes will talk about Efficient Data Maintenance in GlusterFS using databases in on Feb 8th.

As you can see, it is a busy few days ahead for the Gluster community. Do drop by to one of these events and connect with other Gluster enthusiasts from all over. If you are not attending any of these events, do watch this space for event reports from everywhere!


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