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Gluster News: September 2015

Since we did not have any weekly Gluster news go out in September, this post tries to capture and summarize action from the entire month of September 2015.

==  General News ==

GlusterFS won yet another Bossie in the open source platforms, infrastructure, management, and orchestration software category. Long time users of the project might remember the first Bossie win in 2011.

GlusterFS had three bug fix releases happen in September. 3.7.4, 3.6.6 and 3.5.6 releases happened over the course of this month.

GlusterFS 3.7.5 is expected to be released in the first week of October.

GlusterFS 3.7.x  – Samba libgfapi support is affected currently. Stay on GlusterFS 3.6.x if you use it.

gdeploy, an ansible based deployment tool for Gluster, was released this month. More details about gdeploy can be found in the announcement email.

Introducing georepsetup – Gluster Geo-replication  Setup Tool.

If you are interested in Containers & Gluster, learn more about Running GlusterFS inside Kubernetes.

== Technical News == design discussions happened virtually in the week of 09/28. Discussions happened around these topics:

Several new features have been proposed for Gluster 3.8 and can be found here. A release planning page on for 3.8 is expected in the next few weeks.

Getting Started with Code contributions to GlusterFS –

== Community News ==

Introduction of Amye Scavarda – new community lead for Gluster.

GlusterFS Silicon Valley Meetup group had a meetup at Facebook Campus in Menlo Park, CA. More details about the meetup can be found here.

GlusterFS India Community had a meetup in Bangalore on September 12.

Soumya Koduri & Poornima Gurusiddaiah presented about the following topics at SNIA Software Developers Conference event in Santa Clara, CA.

Achieving Coherent and Aggressive Client Caching in Gluster, a Distributed System
Introduction to Highly Available NFS Server on Scale-Out Storage Systems Based on GlusterFS

Niels de Vos gave a presentation and demo about writing backups with Bareos to Gluster at the Open Source Backup Conference.

Several talks related to Gluster are planned at the upcoming LinuxCon EU Conference in Dublin, Ireland: NFS-Ganesha and Clustered NAS on Distributed Storage Systems – Soumya Koduri, Meghana Madhusudhan Advancements in Automatic File Replication in Gluster – Ravishankar N BitRot Detection in GlusterFS – Gaurav Garg, Venky Shankar Open Storage in the Enterprise with Gluster and Ceph – Dustin Black

We plan to have bi-weekly updates from the next edition. Do stay tuned in to learn about happenings in the Gluster World!







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