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Gluster Community Newsletter, August 2016

Important happenings for Gluster this month: 
3.7.14 released
3.8.3 released

CFP for Gluster Developer Summit open until August 31st

[Gluster-users] release-3.6 end of life
– Joe requests a review of the 3.6 EOL proposal

[Gluster-users] The out-of-order GlusterFS 3.8.3 release addresses a usability regression
Niels de Vos announces 3.8.3

[Gluster-users] GlusterFS-3.7.14 released
Kaushal M announces 3.7.14


[Gluster-devel] Proposing a framework to leverage existing Python unit test standards for our testing
Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay

[Gluster-devel] Events API: Adding support for Client Events
Aravinda discusses changes in Eventings

[Gluster-devel] Geo-replication: Improving the performance during History Crawl
Aravinda starts a conversation about history and geo-replication

[Gluster-devel] Backup support for GlusterFS
Alok Srivastava revives an older thread on backup support for GlusterFS

[Gluster-devel] md-cache improvements
– Dan makes suggestions around md-cache improvements

[gluster-devel] Documentation Tooling Review
– Amye proposes some documentation tooling review

[Gluster-devel] CFP for Gluster Developer Summit
– Call for Proposals for Gluster Developer Summit

[Gluster-infra] Please welcome Worker Ant
Nigel announces a new bugzilla bot

[Gluster-infra] Idea: Failure Trends
Nigel proposes a test failure tracking website

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