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Gluster Community Newsletter, September 2016

Important happenings for Gluster this month:
GlusterFS-3.9rc1 is out for testing!
Gluster 3.8.4 is released, users are advised to update:

Gluster Developer Summit:
Next week, Gluster Developer Summit happens in Berlin from October 6 through 7th.
Our schedule:

We will be recording scheduled talks, and posting them to our YouTube channel!


Amudhan P tests the 3.8.3 Bitrot signature process:
Pranith calls for volunteers for a FreeBSD port of Gluster:
Pranith calls for volunteers for a Mac-OSX port of Gluster:
Gandalf asks about Production cluster planning:
Kaushal posts an update on Gluster D-2.0:
Pranith queries what application workloads are too slow in gluster:
Sahina Bose updates on an integrated solution for disaster recovery with oVirt and Gluster:
Kaleb updates the Community Gluster Package Matrix:

Kelviw asks about FUSE kernel cache about dentry and inode:
Mohit Agrawal asks about xattr healing in DHT-
Rajesh provides a POC for documentation in ASCIIdoc:
Jeff Darcy starts a conversation about libunwind:
Pranith updates on the status of block and object storage on gluster:
Nithya discusses debugging on FreeBSD:
Luis Pabon follows up with block store related API design:
Luis Pabon brings up the Kubernetes Dynamic Provisioner for Gluster:
Avra Sengupta follows up with questions on merging zfs snapshot support into GlusterFS:
Poornima asks for reviews of 3.9 patches:
Jeff Darcy has good news, bad news and a plea for help on Multiplexing:
Mrugesh Karnik introduces Tendrl:

Nigel Babu proposes Zuul:
Nigel Babu reviews August’s Gluster Infra Updates:
Michael Scherer proposes switching to ansible:
Nigel Babu posts of a migration for
Michael Scherer posts of completed salt migration to ansible:

Top 5 contributors:
Niels de Vos, Kaleb Keithley, Nigel Babu, Atin Mukherjee, Aravinda VK,

Upcoming CFPs:

FOSDEM: – February 4-5, 2017
DevConf – – Jan 27-29

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