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by on October 28, 2015

Highlights from LinuxCon EU: Bitrot detection in GlusterFS

Some quick highlights from our Gluster talks at LinuxCon EU, as well as slides available as a PDF below.

Bitrot detection in GlusterFS  – Gaurav Garg, Venky Shankar

BitRot detection is a technique used to identify certain “insidious”
type of disk errors where data is silently corrupted with no
indication from the disk to the storage software layer that an error
has occurred. This class of data corruption are very different than
latent sector error typically caused by damaged disk drive. When data
gets “rotted”, an application can still access data off the disk drive
unknowing that the data is corrupted.

With GlusterFS 3.7, its possible to detect corruption caused due to
bitrot and take steps to rectify them. When bitrot detection is
enabled on a Gluster volume, files are signed after they have been
written. A periodic filesystem scrubber verifies the integrity of
signed files are flags (or marks) files which have mismatching
signature. Corrupted files are typically denied access to clients
unless it’s a replicated volume where it’s still possible to access
the “good” copy and repair the corrupted file.

LinuxCon EU – Bitrot Detection slides

by on October 11, 2013

Gluster Workshop in Edinburgh at LinuxCon Europe

If you’re attending LinuxCon Europe, you’ll want to get signed up for the Gluster Workshop on Thursday, October 24th.

The program starts at a very reasonable 10 a.m. This full-day, free workshop includes talks on using Gluster with OpenStack, KVM/QEMU, and how to develop apps to integrate with GlusterFS. This is a chance for developers and admins to learn first-hand what GlusterFS and related open software-defined storage projects in the Gluster Community can accomplish in cloud and virtualized environments.

  • State of Gluster (John Mark Walker)
  • Gluster for SysAdmins, an In-depth Look (Dustin Black)
  • Gluster and OpenStack, a Case Study (Udo Seidel)
  • Gluster, QEMU and KVM (Vijay Bellur)
  • Developing Apps and Integrating with GlusterFS (Justin Clift)

Please join us on October 24th at the Sheraton next to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. Registration for the Gluster Workshop is free, sign up today on the LinuxCon/CloudOpen sign-up page (Note: Select “attendee” rather than speaker.)