by on February 28, 2017

Further notes on Gluster 3.10 and the direction for Gluster

This release of Gluster ushers in improvements for container storage, hyperconverged storage and scale-out Network Attached Storage (NAS) use cases. These use cases have been the primary focus areas for previous releases over the last 12-18 months and will continue to be the primary focus for the next three planned releases. One of the things […]

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by on February 27, 2017

Announcing Gluster 3.10

Release notes for Gluster 3.10.0 The Gluster community is pleased to announce the release of Gluster 3.10. This is a major Gluster release that includes some substantial changes. The features revolve around, better support in container environments, scaling to larger number of bricks per node, and a few usability and performance improvements, among other bug […]

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by on February 21, 2017

Gluster Monthly Newsletter, January/February 2017

3.10 is at RC1 and is tracking towards a February GA release! Read more about RC1 release —   Find us at Vault next month!     Our weekly community meeting has changed: we’ll be meeting every other week instead of weekly, moving the time to 15:00 UTC, and our agenda is at: […]

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by on January 19, 2017

Gluster Community Newsletter, December 2016

Important happenings in Gluster: Come see us at DevConf and FOSDEM! Gluster has a big presence at both DevConf.CZ ( as well as FOSDEM! We’ll be exhibiting at FOSDEM with a Gluster stand, and we’ve got an Open Source Software DevRoom. Our schedule for FOSDEM:     Our weekly community meeting has changed: we’ll […]

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by on November 30, 2016

Gluster Community Newsletter, November 2016

Important happenings for Gluster this month: Gluster 3.9 is out!   Gluster’s Annual Community Survey is open until December 9th! Results to come out in the December newsletter.   Gluster is supporting the Software Defined Storage DevRoom at FOSDEM, speakers to be announced by December 11th, 2016.   We also have a stand […]

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by on November 23, 2016

Announcing Gluster 3.9

The Gluster community is pleased to announce the release of Gluster 3.9. This is a major release that includes a number of changes. Many improvements contribute to better support of Gluster with containers and running your storage on the same server as your hypervisors. Additionally, we’ve focused on integrating with other projects in the open source ecosystem. […]

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by on October 31, 2016

Gluster Community Newsletter, October 2016

Important happenings for Gluster this month: A great Gluster Developer Summit this month, thanks to all who participated. Find all of our recorded talks with slides at:   Changes to the Community Meeting We’re trying out something new for a few weeks, we’ve removed our updates from the Community Meeting and made it […]

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Gluster tiering and small file performance

Gluster can have trouble delivering good performance for small file workloads. This problem is acute for features such as tiering and RDMA, which employ expensive hardware such as SSDs or infiniband. In such workloads the hardware’s benefits are unrealized, so there is little return on the investment. A major contributing factor to this problem has […]

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