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by on May 27, 2016

Gluster Community Newsletter, May 2016

Important happenings for Gluster this month: 

We’re closing in on a 3.8 release, with release candidate 2 released on May 24th. (
Our 3.8 roadmap of features is available at:
Our current timeline is to have a release in June, so update your release notes!

Gluster Developers Summit:

October 6, 7 directly following LinuxCon Berlin

This is an invite-only event, but you can apply for an invitation. Deadline for application is July 31, 2016.
Apply for an invitation: events page:

Instead of having just a publicpad, we now have an area on the website where oyu can add upcoming talks, meetups and other events.
To contribute an event, submit a pull request to the glusterweb github account.
See something that should be moved over from the publicpad? Feel free to contribute!

Change in presentation tracking:

We have a new slideshare account to share Gluster-related presentations with.
Find everything that was previously in the documentation site over at the new slideshare account.

We’ll be back next month with highlights from the 3.8 release, the gluster-users, gluster-devel and gluster-infra mailing lists.

Top 5 contributors:

Kaleb S. Keithley, Prasanna Kumar Kalever, Pranith Kumar K, Niels de Vos, Krutika Dhananjay

Upcoming CFPs:

LinuxCon Europe: ( June 17